I can't thank you enough! Nikki offered OUTSTANDING customer service.
Anthony and Kevin from a riverhead VW were so pleasant and wonderful to work with! Bravo for having an extraordinary team! Thank you again!
You have made us very happy.
Mary, New York

Got home and saw the car. It is perfect. Thanks for having it dropped off at the house and thanks for arranging for us to get the extra month payment refunded and thanks for everything else you've done. It is always a pleasure dealing with you and your staff.

Georgann and Alan, New York

I wanted to send you a note of thanks, for your time and your support as we purchased our new vehicle. More than that, I wanted to thank you for the car ride and the talk.

I truly felt sorry for the young man who did not realize what a great opportunity he would have had if he worked with you. The loss is not the money. It is the experience and the mentorship. To that end, I would gladly have you as my mentor! Your style of doing business, your attention to customers and your passion are not common these days.

The new car is fantastic. We have the red ribbon up. My wife thanks you for that. Such a caring thing to present to us, and your other customers.

I look forward to getting to know you more, and to growing our relationship.

Thank you from my entire family.

Andy, New York

You really went above board in Amy’s transaction. From finding a car to expediting the application and now not charging for the transport.

You are a real mensh, and as usual you came thru for us with flying colors. As always, Carol and I truly appreciate all you have done.

Marv, New York

I just wanted to thank you for my new Buick Encore. As usual you came through and it's a great car. I love the color combination, and there's a lot more head room without the sunroof.

Thanks to you for all your help.

Kathe, New York

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE the Cayenne. You were spot on about what a thrill it would be to drive...and, yes, I put it in sports mode. Wow!

Thank you, once again, for making the entire experience so effortless and such a pleasure.

Monique, New York

I just wanted to thank you again for putting up with me, and all of your hard work in getting this done today. It was truly appreciated and it did not go unnoticed. You truly are a mensch.

You and your team are extremely professional and I will continue to recommend you to anyone in the market.

Thank you and all the best.

Jason, New York

Thank you very, very much for all your courtesies and assistance in enabling me to purchase the Range Rover. It is an extremely comfortable and sexy vehicle that drives like a dream! You and Nikki made the process incredibly easy and pleasant. It's no wonder that [my friends] told me we must deal only with you!

I likely will take you up in a couple of weeks on your most generous offer to explain more thoroughly how to use the thousand or so gadgets in the new car, though we did effortlessly get from your place to Wainscott, via the "scenic route" you recommended.
Thank you for that also.

David, New York

Thanks again for all you did. [My wife], who hates the car buying process, said she will never buy another car without you!!!! We very much appreciate it.

Bill, Florida

I absolutely LOVE driving my new car and am SO very glad that you suggested the BLIND SPOT ALERT. I always dreaded night driving but now feel so confident because of the alert. What a difference it makes.

It was such a pleasure dealing with you and your company. When we arrived everything was ready for us...salesman even had the radio set, seat was set, he installed the phone list and play list on iPad. We will certainly be calling you again.

Thank you!
Amy, Florida

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your efforts in finding me the exact color combo of the car (right before Christmas to boot)! I am very excited to be driving my very first luxury sedan.

Thanks again for everything you did to make it happen!

Jennifer, New York

You certainly have an amazing track record of long-term customer loyalty and repeat business. You just delivered [my wife's] 4th Lexus and I have been driving Motor Network cars since shortly before I retired. In fact, we bought a loaded Jeep from you as our daughter's first car when she first got her driver's license. Thanks for your customer-friendly approach and your very competitive pricing.

Bert, New York

I am so glad I am your client - between you and your wonderful staff things get taken care of and problems are solved.

Thank you!
Donna, New York